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  • Installation of smart meters by energy suppliers has been adopted by the Government as a way of helping consumers have more control over their energy use and spending, while also helping meet environmental (carbon reduction) and security of supply objectives.  It will involve a visit to every home, and many businesses, in the UK, and the replacement of around 53 million gas and electricity meters by 2019. Smart meters can pave the way for a transformation in the way energy is supplied and used. They will provide consumers with real-time information about energy use, and accurate bills.
  • The UK’s 27 million homes are responsible for 32% of our current energy use and carbon emissions.

  • Microgeneration power and heat can therefore make a significant contribution to meeting the challenges of the UK Climate Change Act which has set demanding targets to reduce CO2 and other emissions by 34% to 2020 and 80% by 2050.   
  •  The Department of Energy and Climate Change states in its ‘Pathways Analysis’ that ‘By 2050, up to 30–60% of domestic heat demand would be met by electric technologies and most of the remainder would come from district heating connected to large power stations.’  
  • It is recognised that significant growth is needed in residential and commercial low carbon renewable ‘on-site’ electricity generation – from almost zero today to at least 12% of the UK’s energy mix by 2050 (National Grid). This percentage could be significantly increased with the installation and support of the Microgen Ready Smart Meter System™.  
  • Almost two thirds of energy TWh produced for the grid is lost through conversion, transmission and delivery. The MRSMS is specifically designed to optimise bi-directional grid management of energy.  Its ability to compute supply and demand will be a fundamental requirement of Smart Grids. The MRSMS is designed to fulfil these requirements - enabling cost/carbon savings to everyone.  
  • The generation growing up with smart and interactive communication (generation Y) will have similar expectations of their energy management.  Generational change cannot be ignored.  We see the MRSMS as a key component enabling homes to 'buy in' to domestic microgeneration much more rapidly than the current business models.  A key point to bear in mind is -  the MRSMS enables homes to acquire the technology on a 'separates' basis, as budgets allow - rather than the large financial outlay today, the main inhibitor.
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