The UK’s Carbon Targets and The Smart Meter Roll Out 2014-2019

The UK’s Climate Change Act has set demanding targets to reduce our COemissions by 34% to 2020 and 80% to 2050. Our 30m homes and small businesses are responsible for 32% of our current emissions.  

If we generated electricity by renewable means we could all contribute towards achieving the targets – and save a great deal of money at the same time!

Only 240,000 homes in the UK are generating some or all of their electricity, mainly using solar panels, with very disappointing predictions that this will rise to 1,000,000 by 2020 (only 3% of the 30 million.)

To help meet our carbon targets, from 2014 'smart' meters will be installed into every home and small business in the UK by our electricity and gas suppliers. Smart meters will show us exactly what we are consuming. It is hoped that making us aware of our consumption will encourage us to reduce it.

In reality, the standard smart meter is not very smart. It will provide only ‘passive’ information to us and our supplier on the amount of electricity and gas we are consuming. It will not provide the ‘proactive’ energy management required to meet carbon targets for households and utilities, or provide incentives to adopt microgeneration.

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