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Our Mission 


A Proactive Microgen Ready Smart Meter

  • To create incentives for every home and business to adopt proactive energy management and generate their own electricity by renewable means so we can all contribute to meeting our carbon targets. 
  • To encourage investment in the volume manufacture of renewable home technology for the UK and overseas market, creating growth and jobs.
Solution - The Microgen Ready Smart Meter System™ (MRSMS)
"For consumers who want automatic bill reduction and an affordable solution for energy freedom"

Our proactive ‘Microgen Ready’ smart meter gives substantial added value to every consumer, helping us save money, achieve energy independence and meet our carbon targets:

  • Firstly it's a ‘proactive’ home energy management hub providing 24/7 automatic control of energy consumption (and generation), keeping usage to a minimum and saving money
  • Secondly, but as important, it will be engineered to accept the output from microgenerators (solar, microCHP, wind, etc) via 'plug and play’/USB style connection (allowing a connection process similar to TV, satellite dish, set top box, or router)
  • Thirdly, plug and play connection to solar PV etc, substantially reduces installation costs and makes it cost effective and easy for you to start building up a microgeneration system when your budget allows:
                Now, every consumer has a viable financial incentive to invest in microgeneration and 
                achieve energy independence - substantially reducing bills and maximising the return
                on energy generation and investment
  • Automatic supplier and tariff management means no more time consuming and frustrating supplier interaction
  • Automatic appliance management means no more time wasting having to turn appliances off (white goods, brown goods, entertainment, IT, lighting etc) 
  • Simple user-friendly settings: Automatic/Comfort/Eco/Manual (minimum grid use in all settings to maximise cost and  CO2 savings)
  • Heating and hot water behaviour management brings complete synergy between gas & energy consumption
  • Smart communication options via in-home display (IHD), internet or phone app enables remote and flexible management - the same way we communicate with many other everyday issues

        The MRSMS is the ‘truly smart' state of the art Smart Meter